Friday, April 1, 2011

Let It Be

Every time I sit down to compose, my fingers poised over the keys ready to tap out some more difficult-to-decipher sentences, I feel like I'm writing a very self-serving monologue. For those of us who have seen the TV show "Scrubs," I feel like Dr. John Dorian; talking to masses I can't see in a narcissistic attempt to make myself feel better. I guess the long road we all travel has as many zig-zags as Lombard Street. We may not always be headed in exactly the direction we thought, but we must press on. We can't let every cheap shot and infidelity make us press on the brakes and slow down our cosmic momentum. I've realized that whenever things don't go my way or people act out in a manner I deem less than socially acceptable, I have the tendency to let it ruin my day. I don't know exactly how much traction I have with my audience, but I would like to advise you to try my new way of thinking. It's paradigm shifting and has helped me start every day with a better attitude. Maintain a high level of control over your moods, and attempt to stay positive in all circumstances. Putting out good energy draws good energy, and who doesn't want to be surrounded by positivity, right? Today I survived two deeply seated acts of betrayal, and have already decided that moving on with a smile plastered across my face is the best plan of action. It's not that I'm sweeping it under the rug, I'm just choosing to let it go. John Lennon spoke it the most concisely, "Let it be." I'm choosing to let it be. 

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