Saturday, March 19, 2011

Existentialism at Its Best

I can now see what I was blind to for so long. Change is inevitable. Change is the driving force behind everything in nature. Everything from the evolution of man to the changing colors of the leaves on the trees in autumn. The real question is, how do we adapt? For those of us who have missed opportunities and not been able to keep up with a constantly oscillating set of social requirements, the answer does not have to remain so elusive. Henry David Thoreau said, "Things do not change, we do." Our best bet to stay alive in this savage jungle they call life is to be open and accepting. It would be easier if life had a Dow-Jones or a NASDAQ that would let us know our net worth, but what we need to realize is our worth is only as high as we lead ourselves to believe it is. Our ability to adapt and create new futures and goals for ourselves is vital to a high level of affluence and personal happiness. When we start being the change we want the world to experience like Ghandi suggested, we actually create a new universe of which we are the master. Do we pass up such an opportunity? Do we walk away from a perfect version of ourselves because we are afraid of losing something we think is important? Or do we find what we want, and then take it? I guess the ultimate answer is that we must conquer the most difficult opponent we will ever face: Ourselves.

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