Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Summertime Requiem

My summer is over. School looms on the immediate horizon, and my current week is to be consumed by work. This summer was one of the most interesting I've ever had, and filled with the most lessons. I met so many new people and had so many new experiences, it almost feels like a dream in someone else's life. The daily grind turned into my own blown mind with the plethora of diversity I surrounded myself with. The banality of my activities may bore my readers, but it was some of the best four months of my life. Cliche man-time things such as going to the gym, tanning, and maintaining a constant flow of beautiful women became the norm for me and my companions. I'm about to embark on another adventure, one just as great as the last. I've already got a great group of people to spend time with, a stable job that I'm good at, and classes that I will do great in. My hope for myself is that I will have a successful semester with a positive outcome. It's approximately four o'clock in the morning, the time when nostalgia usually grips me with a firm refusal to let go. I have to be to work in an hour. My thoughts are all over the place, but I'm determined to make this my first post in which I don't insist on eloquence. I'm ready for what's coming next. I'm meeting it head on with a great attitude and a great team behind me. As the summer dies and my friends move away, I just want to thank everyone that took part in the awesome time I had. All the trips to Vegas, the lake, and the river, performing at Jazzy Java, going on long drives, staying up way too late, going to the gym too much, and watching way too many bad movies has been awesome. Who knows where the winds of change will blow me now? An intelligent man once said "I can not change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." That is exactly what I am doing now. I am adjusting my sails.

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